Monday, July 30, 2012

Off to Hogwarts

Harry Potter inspired cake for Tatay

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Triple Delight

For Jong's birthday celeb, he wants a special cake but since he is not a fondant fan, we had to think of something special without the fondant.  And thus triple delight was born.  Inspired by his fave cake from PH, we made our own version. Choco, vanilla, mocha covered and filled with generous whip cream and cream cheese frosting.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Transformers cake & cuppies for Andrei's 4th birthday. :)

Cricket cake

Cricket themed cake. Chocolate with vanilla buttercream.

Cherry blossoms cake

Cherry blossom themed cake for Jong's mom. The cake is traveling to the Philippines.yay!

Pooh Bear Cake

For baby Miggy's 9th month bday celeb. :)

I think Pooh had too much honey today. lol.  Check his tummy! :-P

Aviator cake

Aviator cake attempt

Cute Baby Booties

Cutesy baby shower cake for Gelyn & Eden. :)

I love the pastel colors on this cake.  So girly! 

Sweet layer cake

Simple & sweet two layer cake.

Purple and green motif for my finals.

Guitar Cake

I had fun making this cake, because of the music notes. :D   The guitar itself is soo manly! :)

Anniv Cake

To celebratrate their Anniv, Jeh surprised Albert with a cake. :)

My Melody

My Melody cake for the boss.  :)

Melody is her fave character, so for her birthday we surprised her with this cake. 


Circles circles :)

Mickey Mouse Cake

Mickey Mouse cake for baby Miggy's 8th month. 

World's most popular mouse on cake.

Uniform cake

Uniform cake

Flag Cake

SG flag cake

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Doggy theme Cuppies

In October last year, my little boy celebrated his 1st birthday.  I was not able to bake him a cake though, I just managed some cupcakes for him. Thanks to my dear epal friends for helping me design the cupcakes. :)

Happy 1st birthday Button! :)

Monday, July 16, 2012

House warming

I've been in Singapore for almost 5 years now and this year we moved to my 5th flat. Mind you it took us 25 viewings before we finally decided on this one. With the high hdb rate and a dog to consider it was really a struggle to find a good unit who allows dogs. Luckily we found LaShengkang 2 at a very good deal.

It's been customary for us to have a house warming party every time we move to a new place, mainly to let our friends know where we are staying.

So for our house warming I prepared a very special cake to represent our fondness of alcohol! Lol. By the way LaShengkang way derived from 'laseng' (Filipino word for drunk) and Sengkang the actual area where we stay... And you tend to slur your words when drunk right? Thus came the 'h' ;-)

My baking background.

I learned how to bake in high school and that was in the 90's.  I can still remember how I loved the smell of freshly baked cake and how the thought of frosting it excited me. During that time our happiness is chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and our main goal was to make it taste like the ones we buy from a popular cake shop in our place.  We never succeeded though... hahaha  Anyway, the last cake I remembered baking and designing was for my sister's 18th birthday and then for some reasons we just stopped baking cakes at home and just opted to buy the commercial ones.

After more than a decade of buying cakes for birthdays and other celebrations, I am now back to baking cakes and decorating it. :)  I don't have any formal baking training so please bear with me as I experiment with different cake recipes and designs. 

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Big pink bow on top of mocha colored base. :) chocolate with mocha buttercream frosting.