Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cars for baby Rhys

Another playtime weekend for me, last week of April. Cars themed cake for a very cutesy little boy. I made a 2 tiered cake plus 3 dozen cupcakes for Rhys' 1st birthday celeb. The base cake was designed with sky, sand, cactus & flowers while the second layer had the name on the side and McQueen sits on top.  The cupcakes were designed with lightning bolt and number 1, stop lights & tires. Cakes & cupcakes were all chocolate with whipcream frosting.

Many thanks to Jong & Jeff who played with me and also helped me bring the finished products to party where we had had fun with the kiddos. 

The final setup at the party. :)


I started baking again in October 2011 and this was our first project. I invited friends over to help with the design as we are all fondant virgins. Hahaha! I was incharge of baking and was not able to help with the molding and rolling of the fondant. But I must say that the outcome is not bad at all. See for yourself. :) 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Leave no Trace

Gea is not fond of fondant. So, for her birthday I made chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting with Leave no trace logo on top.  A very popular logo among mountaineers and nature advocates in respect and love of mother nature. :) This cake was mainly consumed by our housemates and some of Gea's office friends.

I baked another cake for her post birthday celeb, a very simple square cake (also chocolate) with choco whip cream frosting and a big letter 'G' made from frosted pink pearl dragees. I really like this cake, so simple and very feminine.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Jersey Cake

My friend wants a cake for her hubby's surprise birthday party. The peg is Chicago bulls jersey number 1 since Rose is his fave player.  

And so thru the night I made the fondant jersey draped over the chocolate cake. :)